Learn about anatomy, reproduction and see the life cycle of some parasites that affect goats in simple to understand animations.

Anatomy of the Goat
Anatomy of the GoatHave fun with this interactive animation learn the skeletal structure and the external parts of the goat.

Reproduction in the Goat
Reproduction in the goatThis series of animations describe the reproductive anatomy of the buck and doe, the process of meiosis producing the egg and sperm, estrus cycle, fertilization, hormonal interactions and development of the fetus.

A handy gestation calculator (available as a free download) is useful to determine the birthdate of kids.

Lactation in the Goat
Lactation in the goatThe anatomy of the mammary gland, and production of milk is explained in this series of animation.

Digestion in the Goat
Digestion in the goatInteresting and interactive animations explain the anatomy of the digestive system and the role of the rumen microbes in the process of digestion.

Internal Parasites of Goats
Eimeria Life CycleThe life cycles of the parasites that infect goats are described in this series of animations.

These animations are available for purchase by download or on a CD